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Daniel Wingate


Janet Kurtz   Jan 11, 2024

So often, when getting ready for anything from a day at the office to a dinner meeting, the common question is “what do I wear?” We find ourselves staring into a closet full of clothes hoping for more inspiration. Whatever the engagement, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Enter Wingate — the versatile line designed for “women of today.”

With the tagline “ageless, sizeless, fearless,” creator of the brand, Daniel Wingate has designed a line for women that can easily transition from the work day to an evening of cocktails. Easy fabrics and modern lines combine for a wearable and versatile brand that flatters rather than flaunts. The line builds on itself meaning pieces can be interchanged making a new look with each wear. When building pieces to be ageless, Daniel’s inspiration was rooted in creating clothing for his 20 year-old niece, his sister in her 50’s and his mother — the matriarch of the family. The sizing chart for Wingate is unique to the brand and embraces a 0 (EU34-36 – US4/6),1 (EU38-40 – US 8/10), 2 (EU42-44 –US12/14), 3 (EU46-48 – US16/18) and 4 (EU50-52 – US20/22) sizing system. This helps create a focus on fit an form, rather than the size on the tag. Finally, the company says it best when it describes fearless: “WINGATE celebrates women with character, those who are dynamic, a delight to the party, and women not afraid of embracing every crease and curve they might have. She stands for comfort not conformity, is bold not boring, a beauty that is characterized by her fearless esprit.” 

With a focus on fashion and while keeping an eye on sustainability, the brand uses recycled and existing fabrics where possible. Wingate is making its way through the social events of Nashville and can be found at Gus Mayer. Find out more about Wingate at or @wingateofficial 



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