Bunte New Faces "Social Style Here" 2020 Louisa Dellert in WNGATE for winner fotoshooting in Hotel Oldenburger Berlin, Germany, in January 2021!

BUNTE, Germany's largest people magazine, awards the "New Faces Award Style" to promising up-and-coming stars in the fashion industry every year. This year, BUNTE named the 24-year-old actress Jeanne Goursaud a "Young Style Icon". In addition, the influencer Louisa Dellert received the "Social Style Hero" award and Helene Galwas was named "Young Fashion Designer".

This year, too, the jury placed particular emphasis on the topic of sustainability and personalities from the fashion world who make a contribution to society when making nominations and awards. All three winners fulfill these aspects. As usual, the award ceremony could not take place as part of an exclusive evening event. The three winners received their award in the form of the red panther in person at exclusive photo shoots in Berlin and Vienna.

Daniel Wingate was honored to be part of the international jury this year.

Bunte New Faces Award Louisa Dellert in Wingate by Wolfang Wilde in Hotel Odenberger Berlin
Bunte New Faces Award Winners by Wolfang Wilde in Hotel Odenberger Berlin
Photographed by Wolfang Wilde

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